The ever-evolving customer experience since 2015



Building a "seamless" user experience to allow each restaurant to establish a one-to-one dialogue with its customers.


Design and development of a digital ecosystem in which user data is continuously updated and enriched based on the actions performed in the various touchpoints.

The strategy

For over sixty years Burger King has focused on customer satisfaction, whose judgment is no longer based only on the quality of the products, but on the entire relationship of interaction with the brand.

For this reason, since 2015 we have been helping the fast food chain famous for its Whoppers to renew its digital presence from the ground up. Site, App, kiosks: many channels, one goal, namely responding to the needs and expectations of customers with tools that can guarantee a fluid and truly omnichannel interaction experience, without borders between physical spaces and digital places.

From the definition of the technological roadmap that began in 2015 to the latest evolution of the app in 2021: the ingredient that has united all the projects carried out so far for Burger King has been the development of a flexible technological infrastructure capable of integrating new functions over time and channels, owned and third parties, quickly and effectively.

The solution

Customer Data Platform, website, App, kiosks: this is how we accompanied Burger King in the construction of an omnichannel ecosystem in which physical and digital touchpoints integrate to make the brand's relationship with its customers ever more fluid.

Over the years we have created an evolved platform that integrates physical touchpoints with digital ones, to which all the applications and services used every day by Burger King customers and the brand for marketing and "drive to store" activities are connected.

Thanks to this open and integrated architecture with services and software of other partners, Burger King collects and analyzes user behavior data and, based on these, offers them the personalization of the shopping experience, an ongoing relationship and able to keep users engaged with the use of the services provided by individual restaurants.

The value of data: the Customer Data Platform

The first steps are the creation of the new Burger King Italia website and a web platform dedicated to the franchisee network, which allows each restaurant to publish offers, promotions and local events. We are also developing the new App that allows users to receive coupons dedicated to the App channel to be redeemed at the checkout, marking the beginning of a first relationship between users and their purchasing behavior.

The real heart of the project is called the Customer Data Platform. Through the collection of consistent and reliable data - both quantitative and qualitative - of customers who give consent, the platform uniquely identifies the customer ID and records their behavior regardless of the device in use. The CDP is in fact integrated with all the systems active online and in restaurants: the website, the App, the kiosks, the cash desks, the loyalty platform, the LCD menu cards, the CRM, the queue manager in the kitchen.

Integration that makes the difference and new services

A further step on our journey with Burger King also saw us physically enter the chain's restaurants. In fact, in 2019 we designed the user interface of the kiosks with particular attention to the design of the user experience. To testify the validity of the intervention were not only the results of the test sessions we carried out in the restaurants immediately after the activation of the kiosks but also the awards that the Italian project received by being elected by the Miami headquarters as a benchmark for the best kiosk strategy for other countries.

In the three-year period 2019 - 2021, in the midst of a pandemic emergency, we have evolved the App with additional features designed to meet changed purchasing habits by supporting new paradigms such as home delivery and contactless. This evolution of the App assigns it the role of privileged touchpoint in the entire BK ecosystem for the collection of orders to be consumed at the restaurant, take away or King Drive.

At the same time, the App becomes a one-to-one communication channel thanks to the management of digital coupons, push notifications and personalized promotions, as well as a loyalty channel thanks to the integration with the partner platforms that manage loyalty programs and redemption. of accumulated points.

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