Rebranding all digital touchpoints for a great international Bank



March 2016: Cariparma, Friuladria, and Carispezia announced the merging of the three banks into Crédit Agricole. We were given eight months time to completely redefine and rebrand all digital touchpoints that we had created in 4 years of our previous collaboration.


8 months, 21 specialists, 12 projects went live simultaneously on the rebranding unveiling date.



  • Digital Strategy
  • Technology Roadmap
  • Heatmap Analysis
  • SEO Setup & Optimization
  • Advanced Analytics Setup


  • UX Prototyping
  • UI Design
  • Design System
  • Icons Set
  • Infographics


  • Desktop & Mobile Development
  • Widget & Simulators Development
  • System Integration
  • Advanced Metrocluster Private Cloud Engineering & Monitoring
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Launching the new corporate website

Crédit Agricole's new website is the main hub for information, promotions, and content.

The website is the resulting declination of a newly redefined Corporate Identity following the merger of the three banks. It is also the gateway to every home banking application so it went without saying that the new visual identity of the website needed to be applied also to the home banking platforms like Nowbanking.

Restyling the home banking

Nowbanking is the main home banking tool for private customers in Crédit Agricole.

We redefined its new look and feel according to the new rebranding project and then we collaborated with Crédit Agricole teams to monitor and supervise the execution of those guidelines.

Full mobile experience

Developing a mobile-first approach for this rebranding project was mandatory.

Most of the functionalities available for desktop version have been finetuned and optimized on most mobile devices for a "no-compromise" fluid experience.

Mutuo Adesso, a website dedicated to mortgages lead generation

A website entirely dedicated to the acquisition of clients looking for a mortgage to buy their next home.

This is the primary playground for all acquisition activities and KPIs, therefore the desktop and mobile experience have been optimized to streamline an easier experience of mortgage request. Users online can easily simulate, choose and submit a request for a mortgage and they can track how their request is progressing in the validation process.

Conto Adesso, opening an online account has never been easier

Conto Adesso was built during the rebranding program and it is a website dedicated to the promotion and acquisition of new banking account clients.

Just like for Mutuo Adesso, the activation submission starts online and is then followed up by a tracking system that lets the user know in which phase of the approval process his demand is waiting.