MAX/Connect, the app that connects real estate consultants and clients directly

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Design and implement the most suitable digital tool to simplify and make the relationship between real estate consultant and client more direct.


Integrated with the CRM of all the agencies in the ReMax network, the MAX / Connect relational app personalizes the relationship between the user and his trusted advisor and puts them in direct contact, in real time and with just a few clicks. Through the app, agencies can update the data made available to customers during the negotiation stages, improving the quality of the relationship and differentiating the proposition of ReMax from competing brands.

The strategy

Present in 110 countries, including Italy, RE/MAX is the largest real estate franchising network in the world. Our paths crossed in 2017 when we designed and built the new website with innovative features and a particular focus on speed of performance.

Four years later, RE/MAX Italy has launched a new challenge: “going beyond” the site by devising a tool to make the commercial relationship with customers more direct, effective and personalized.

As in 2017, we have developed a custom solution designed to improve the performance of the sales network. Starting from the analysis of requests, objectives and targets, we involved the client in a co-design process through which to design an innovative solution for the real estate sector, perfectly integrated with the brand's technological ecosystem.

Thus was born MAX/Connect, an app that supports the site and responds in a timely manner to the need, felt by agents and customers, to have a direct, fast, always up-to-date communication channel. A channel that strengthens the relationship of trust, creates new business opportunities and makes the management of appointments and the work of agents more effective.

The solution

Since its design, the MAX/Connect app has been designed to serve as a digital system that allows, after the first contact, to keep the relationship between the client and his trusted real estate consultant alive and always open.

Thanks to the integration with the CRM system of the agencies, the service expands the opportunities available to the user: the latter can in fact interact comfortably and quickly with the agent, evaluate the properties selected for him on the basis of his needs, book and manage visits, share and schedule appointments in the diary in real time, as well as monitor the evolution of the negotiations started.

Not only that: the app allows new RE/MAX customers to choose the real estate agent they can rely on, evaluating their profile, areas of expertise and performance ratings. As RE/MAX well summarized in the presentation release, "the application, developed to further improve the customer experience, blends technology and human relationships, proposing itself as an unprecedented tool for interaction with a view to digitizing processes".

The added value of system integration

As with the functioning of the website, the integration with the corporate CRM also plays a fundamental role for the app. All contents are in fact driven by data from the system and every action of the user and agent is recorded in order to ensure constant and real-time updating of the information made available.

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